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About 500,000 stray dogs in Sri Lanka : National policy on stray dogs soon: Musthapha

Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Faiszer Musthapha addressing the press at the meeting.

Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Faiszer Musthapha has decided to implement a national policy to control stray dogs. Accordingly, a pilot project will begin in the Colombo District, for a period of six months.

Ministry Secretary Kamal Padmasiri will appoint a committee to make the Cabinet aware of the decisions, which will be taken within three weeks. The members of the committee are Secretaries to the Ministries of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, Livestock and Rural Community Development, and Commissioner of Western Province and the Municipal veterinarian in Colombo district.

Minister Musthapha said: “There are about 500,000 stray dogs in Sri Lanka. This amount increases day by day. Local Government Authorities receive a large number of complaints from the public who face difficulties because of this issue. A permanent solution is needed. Rabies should be eradicated from Sri Lanka. I discussed this issue with Welfare Associations for Animals. Taking their ideas into consideration, killing dogs is not a solution to this problem. If pet dogs go stray, or dogs are not registered and if the dogs are released for public places, actions will be taken against the owners."

According to a decision taken by the Cabinet last year, the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government is amending the existing ordinance related to rabies and the ordinance related registering dogs.

"We are coordinating with Animal Welfare Associations and Technical officers. Under the new amendments, provisions have been included to control dog population. Welfare organisations for animals have agreed to these amendments," he said.

According to the new amendments, actions will be taken to control dogs with no owners. Provisions have been included in a manner that the rabies vaccination is a must while registering dogs. Provisions in the new amendments says that a National advisory committee is to be appointed including members from the Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry, Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Ministry, Livestock and Rural Community Development Ministry, and the Animal Health Department to regulate, instruct and to supervise the actions that are taken to prevent and control Rabies.

According to these new Amendments, It is the duty of all Local Government Authorities to register all dogs in the relevant administrative area annually. If a particular person neglects registering dogs or fails to issue the registering certificate of registering, they will be fined 10,000 rupees, he said. 

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