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LAUGFS Eco Sri expands clean drinking water project in Anuradhapura

Students quenching their thirst.

 LAUGFS Eco Sri recently marked another important milestone in its Clean Drinking Water project, completing its third phase by setting up clean and safe drinking water facilities at the Sivalakulama Seevali Maha Vidyalaya in Galenbindunuwewa, Anuradhapura.

The project infrastructure, which was funded and constructed by Eco Sri, included the installation of a water tank, filter system, renovation of the school water well, and the installation of the tap system. The facilities are expected to provide much needed safe, clean water for over 500 students of the school, and many more in the future.

A ceremony to hand over the newly built project took place at the school premises with the presence of students, teachers, parents, government officials and the LAUGFS Eco Sri team.

The Clean Drinking Water Project is yet another long-term initiative undertaken by LAUGFS Eco Sri, as part of its commitment to help address critical social and health issues in the communities it operates.

The infrastructure set up by Eco Sri in these schools are geared towards pumping, storing and dispensing of clean water that is purified, eliminating any chemical component harmful to human health. This brings much needed relief to thousands of students in schools that do not have access to water from the national grid.

LAUGFS Eco Sri’s water projects involve the drilling of deep wells and installation of water purification grids. The facility at Sivalakulama Seevali Maha Vidyalaya, which marked the third phase of the project, was set up at an investment of approximately Rs. 1.5m.

“Clean drinking water is a life’s essential, but unfortunately it’s not freely available in many parts of the country, especially in the rural areas of the North Central province and the Eastern parts of the country,” stated a spokesperson for LAUGFS Eco Sri.

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