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Advocata Institutes’ inaugural report launched today


 The Advocata Institutes' inaugural report, The State of State Enterprises in Sri Lanka' will be launched at an event at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute today.

The Advocata Institute is a new think tank formed by a group of Sri Lankans with an interest in promoting sound, liberal, economic policy. Advocata will publish reports on key areas for reform.

Sri Lanka underwent a 'Rainbow Revolution' in January last year, which ushered in a period of more liberal politics. While progress has been made in the spheres of human rights, the rule of law and some institutional reform, economic policy has lagged behind.

Speaking in August last year the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, urged businesses to change their mind-set from crony capitalism to the next generation of reforms. Unfortunately there is yet little sign of any serious attempts to reform Sri Lanka's sputtering economy.

Government is widely seen so to be indecisive, dithering on key economic issues leaving investors confused and undermining business confidence.

Sound economic policy, applied consistently will lay the foundation for solid, sustainable growth. There is a need for independent policy analysis and advocacy that highlight areas for reform and stimulate debate on key economic issues.

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