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Payment of gratuity and compensation to SLTB victimized begins

The payment of gratuity to retired workers and compensation to workers who were politically victimised from 1988 to 2009 at the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) commenced yesterday at Shalika Grounds in Narahenpita.

Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva granted Rs. 27.23 million to 351 retired employees as gratuity payments and Rs. 29.44 million to105 politically victimised employees.

Addressing the gathering, the Minister de Silva said the SLTB will also pay gratuity and compensation to the rest of workers before the year ends.

“I am very pleased that we were able to pay gratuity and compensation to the SLTB workers just after the May Day. We will not politically victimise any SLTB worker after this consensual government was formed.

We will also not remove qualified people and appoint those who have passed only grade eight to the various positions of the SLTB. The attention has been paid to provide maximum service to the commuters.

We will not privatise the SLTB or remove any SLTB employee.

“A Voluntary Retirement Scheme will also be introduced for excess workers who wish to retire on their own. Cabinet approval in this regard will be obtained by next week. Accordingly, SLTB workers will get sums ranging from Rs. 1.2 million to Rs. 3.5 million as compensation.

I have undertaken the onerous task of making the SLTB financially viable and an independent institution. No previous government had a proper plan for the SLTB which was full of mismanagement and corruption. My intention is to revive the SLTB to make it a profitable organisation”. 


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