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Thai giant to pump Rs 500 mn on fish canning plant

Anuorn Group Chairman Aphisit Techanitisawad.

One of Asia’s largest fish canning factories in Asia, Anuorn Group Thailand will be investing Rs. 500 million to set up a fish canning plant and a dry ice manufacturing factory in Eastern Sri Lanka.

Anuorn Group Thailand Chairman and Thai Overseas Fisheries Association President Aphisit Techanitisawad said that they have already visited Sri Lanka last March and the project has been accepted by the International Trade Relations Ministry after having discussions with Ministers Malik Samarawickreme and Daya Gamage.

He said that they are initially planning to market about 80% of their products in Sri Lanka and the rest to the region. “With the EU ban in fish exports now being lifted we will now look at exporting to the EU region as well and we will pump in more capital again.”

He said that they conduct their operations in a unique manner where they partner around 600 fishermen who have their own boats. “We provide them modern equipment, technical assistance, training and come to a forward agreement to buy their ‘catch’.

“Our training, the GPS and other equipment we offer will also give them a higher catch. As we have a forward agreement with them they are assured that they sell directly to the buyer thus eliminating the middle man and also getting a better price for their catch.”

“This is the model that we will be implementing in Sri Lanka and it will offer direct employment for over 1,200 fishermen.

He that said that Sri Lanka still imports fish and this is a very sad scenario and the reason for this is the outdated technology Sri Lankan fishermen adopt. “In addition fish prices in Sri Lanka too are high and we hope our entry to the country would be a game changer for the fishing industry.”

Thailand is the world’s biggest tuna packer and we are ready to share our expertise to firstly make Sri Lanka self sufficient and then a major player in the export sector. According to the Thai Department of Fisheries, Thailand’s seafood exports to the EU alone are worth 30 billion baht (US$ 887.4 million) annually.

He said that their company which has five fish canning plants in coastal areas in Thailand is also in the restaurant business. “We many also look at expanding this business to Sri Lanka as well.” He however said that though they also own fishing vessels they will not introduce it to Sri Lanka since they want the Sri Lankan fishermen also to grow with them.


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