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Action against SLFPers defying party decisions a real possibility


 All active members of the SLFP have an obligation to give prominence to the May Day rally organised by the party, SLFP Youth Front President and former MP Shantha Bandara said.

He was addressing a press conference at the SLFP Headquarters yesterday.

Bandara said the party General Secretary had sent letters to all MPs, Provincial Councillors and former Local Government members informing the location and programme of the SLFP May Day rally, adding that all the party members are requested to attend it.

“If there is a wedding ceremony of a family member don’t we attend it before attending a wedding ceremony of an outsider It does not matter if you get the invitation late or even you get it at all. You should keep the day reserved to attend the SLFP May Day rally without having other arrangements. If somebody wants to attend a May Day rally organised by another party, he may do so after resigning from all the positions in the party,” he said.

Bandara said the SLFP Youth Front fully backs the May Day rally led by party leader and President Maithripala Sirisena scheduled to take place at the Samanala grounds in Galle.

“We request all former leaders of the party to get on to one stage and send a powerful signal to the party-men. We also warn the youths not to be carried away by the tales of divisive groups within the party as it would benefit our rivals, mainly the UNP,” he said.

Reminding that the SLFP is the party which helped former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to climb up the ladder to the Presidency, he asked the former President not to pave way for the defeat of the party by helping to split it.

He observed the party leadership would be compelled to take action against those who defy the party decisions over and over again.

“President Sirisena was patient as he needed to unite all in the party. However, he may have to take disciplinary action in the coming days thinking of the future of the party,” Banadara said.

Commenting on the increase of VAT and Nation Building Tax, the former MP said those would definitely be a burden to the ordinary people, and expressed his opposition to the move.

He also said the government instead of agreeing to the harmful conditions of the IMF and the WB, should concentrate on dealing with other lending agencies which offer loans at low interest rates sans conditions.

SLFP Galle District organiser Thisara Gunasinghe also spoke.


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