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'Mittal gets Jaffna Housing project'


Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Affairs Minister D.M. Swaminathan quelled rumours surrounding the tender for the 65,000 housing project in Jaffna as he affirmed that Arcelor Mittal had already been awarded the project. "There is no question about awarding the tender to another," the minister said.

The Cabinet in February this year approved the first phase of the housing project to build 65,000 houses for IDPs in the North and East.

The houses currently under construction in Jaffna are prefabricated steel houses equipped with solar, tube wells and are fully furnished.

This would be the first large scale scheme to give people fully furnished and complete houses.

Swaminathan also slammed the owner driven housing model used by previous housing schemes such as the Indian Housing Scheme for allowing people use low quality building material and getting them into debt.

"I thank the Indian government for having built them but if you see the houses themselves, half have not been plastered properly, they have used inferior wood for windows and there are many defects in these houses.

This is not against the Indian government, they have given us a lot of support but the houses have not been a complete success," Swaminathan said.

The Indian Housing Scheme which aimed to complete 53,000 houses worked on the owner driven model which provided beneficiaries with half built houses so that they could complete it one their own. 

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