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Zika surveillance at BIA , no threats detected yet

No Zika patients have been found from Sri Lanka so far, but screening is underway at the BIA for all passengers (both foreigners and Sri Lankans) who arrive from affected countries and a special counter is now open at the BIA for this task, Health Ministry sources said.
According to the sources, the IDH Hospital and the MRI is now ready to face Zika. If a Zika patient is detected at BIA, he/she will be directed to MRI for relevant medical tests and then directed to the IDH. Special discussion swill be held with the authorities of BIA, Sri Lankan Airlines and Immigration and Emigration Department in order to strengthen surveillance in this matter. In addition to screening, all passengers are being educated on Zika when they arrive at BIA. 
The disease is not serious as much as Dengue and the public do not need to panic. When pregnant mothers get infected with Zika they give birth to infants with microcephaly. 
No medical treatment is required for many affected people according to sources. Medical treatment is prescribed according to the condition of the patient. Bed rest, drinking plenty of liquids, taking (only) paracetamol is adequate. Disprin or Aspirin should not be taken. Fever, skin rashes, joint and muscle pain, redness in eyes, under eye pain, swollen legs, etc are the main symptoms of the Zika virus and the symptoms can last from two to seven days, the sources added. 


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