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World's 'largest Ekanite' found in Welimada


Sri Lanka may have yet again unearthed the world's largest 'Ekanite' a naturally radioactive gemstone. The stone unveiled to the media in Ratnapura

yesterday consists of 498 Carats. The stone was found from a quarry in the Welimada area. A 161 Carat 'Ekanite' stone found in Eheliyagoda in 1985 was thought to be the largest such gem in the world previously.

Ekanite is an uncommon mineral notable primarily as being among the very few gemstones that are naturally radioactive. Most ekanite is mined in Sri Lanka, although deposits also occur in Russia and North America. Clear and well-coloured stones command the best prices, but such stones are rare. 


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The article of "Ekanite" the picture posted is not correct. Ekanite does not come in Blue and it does not have Hexagonal crystal structure. Why not post the correct picture with correct facts?

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