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Petition filed seeking the establishment of a Kidney Bank

A writ petition was today filed in the Court of Appeal seeking an order directing the Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne and the Director General of Health Services to establish a Kidney Bank or some other mechanism similar to a blood Bank, to facilitate willing donors and kidney patients in need.


This was filed considering the urgent need of action to support kidney patients around the country in the backdrop of increasing chronic kidney decease.


This petition has been filed by Swarna Bopitiya Foundation President Ms. Bopitiyage Dona Swarnalatha.


In her petition, Mrs. Bopitiya states that many people in this country die in accidents on a daily basis, but, the country has no mechanism in place to utilize their human organs which could be transplanted onto another human being. She further stated that human organs such as eyes, kidneys, liver and brain of the deceased could be collected in a human organ bank. She said the government has only confined itself to organizing only blood donation and eye donation campaigns. 


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