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Special luxury unit worth $4 m was ordered to be fixed on aircraft: Ranjan


Social Empowerment and Welfare Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake said that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa spends his time at courts, commissions and prisons because of his own fault.

"When COPE took up the case of SriLankan Airlines, we found that a special luxury unit worth US $ four million had been ordered to fix on an aircraft. It takes two days to fix and another two days to uninstall it," Ramanayake said.

Addressing the media at Sirikotha yesterday, he said President Maithripala Sirisena rejected it.

"According to the agreement it cannot be done because if we do so, we have to pay a large sum as compensation. We have to now go ahead with the agreement spending a large sum. Only Heads of States from very rich nations, such as the UK, US and Arab countries have this type of special luxury units fixed to aircraft," he said.

The deputy minister said SriLankan Airlines purchased eight A340 air buses.

"The air buses were taken on lease and we have to bear a loss of Rs. 1.5 million per month. SriLanka Airlines has paid Rs. 100 million for the eight air buses which cannot be given to other countries because other countries do not use them any longer," Ramanayake said.

" The wife of the former SriLankan Airlines Chairman says her husband had disappeared and she does not know about his whereabouts. He allegedly wasted state money to provide transport for a person employed as a commercial adviser for a monthly salary of three million rupees," the deputy minister said.

He pointed out there was no deal between the former President and Ranil - Maithri and this was proved when Yoshitha Rajapaksa was taken into custody.

"For the first time in the history, we took a former Cabinet Minister in to custody We challenge Udaya Gammanpila and the former President to hold a press conference and tell the country whether the judiciary of this country is doing something wrong today." 


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This guy is a very ignorant fool or he is trying to mislead the public as usual. Air Bus gives this luxury unit free of charge to every Air Line when they order more than one aircraft. This is for it to be installed in the Air Craft when a VIP is travelling in their Airline. This unit can be dismantled and kept in storage when not in use.

Most of the present parliamentarians are tree climber grade and total idiots who come to politics to earn money


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