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GMOA office-bearers running after Rajapaksas: PM


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday accused the Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) for being the cat's paw of the Rajapaksa regime. He was making a special statement at Sirikotha UNP Headquarters yesterday.

The Prime Minister said the GMOA was working to appease Rajapaksa, adding that he has evidence to prove it.

"When the current office bearers of the GMOA were running after Rajapaksas, we got a mandate from the people. After the election, a group of them including Dr. Anurudda Padeniya met me," the Prime Minister said.

Now if they are back to their previous ways we are ready to respond politically by tagging them as a political organization. The GMOA has raised an allegation against me stating that I deployed the CID to look into their activities. Several media have also reported it.

Inquiring about Trade Agreements is not the business of the GMOA" he said.

The Prime Minister questioned what right the GMOA has to object to the move of generating employment opportunities for the youth of the country.

"The allegation they make is completely false. I inquired about this allegation and also obtained a report from the Police. There is a special police complaint against the GMOA and the police are inquiring into it. I do not know whether this complaint is true or not, but the Police says this complaint has a basis for an investigation.

"When somebody go and complain against the GMOA, they accuse me for that. Now they say that they will strike. If somebody has committed a wrong doing the Police is investigating into it and we do not interfere or influence it. Those officers enjoyed all privileges from the Rajapaksa regime. We will change all this " he emphasized.

The Prime Minister observed if it is involved in politics it would be considered as a politicalorganization. "Now stop this game. If you come to the streets by inconveniencing the patients, we are also ready to come to the streets. Then, you will get a proper reply. Don't try to play this game. All are not with you and many whom I met confirmed this ," he stated.

The Prime Minister observed the goal of generating one million job opportunities within five years could not be reached depending only on the local market. "In 1977 too, we got the support of foreign nations to generate jobs, especially we got the help of the European market. Today we hope to work closely with the Asian market. India and China are the key to this.

"Investors will come to the country after trade agreements are signed with Singapore, China, Japan, India and Europe. We obtained the people's mandate at the previous election to pave the way for this . We stated clearly that we will generate job opportunities by entering into agreements with foreign nations.

However, there is a group who objects to the national programme on creating job opportunities. I ask them to criticize us if we fail to give employment or if we are not moving forward at the required speed, but we won't let nobody to hamper this programme. We are ready to face all types of hooligans," the Prime Minister stressed. 


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This type of raw and combative attitude is not expected from a responsible PM. He sounds aggressive, challenging and just wanting to implicate Rajapakses for all the problems Government is facing.

It's great. They are the highest level beneficiaries of public money but hardly paying it back while sucking blood and vein of their benefactors.

GMOA and SLMC are both playing politics though there is a government elected by the people and PM is one of them. Trade unions unable to teach. SLMC incapable of guiding medical education to be successful. So what need is there for them. Need for fresh thinking, New blood These bigots feed each other and must go. Are they really interested in country or any other but themselves

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