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OUSU demands to reopen the OUSL


The Open University Students’ Union (OUSU) staged a protest today (12) demanding the authorities to reopen all the faculties of the Open University.

The protest demonstration was staged in front of the Open University (OUSL) .

However, the authorities have taken steps to reopen the Education faculty of OUSL today (12).

“A protest was staged by the IUSF earlier, but the authorities didn’t show any positive response to our demands. Although the Education faculty was reopened today, the Engineering faculty and the Science faculty will reopen on February 29.We are staging this protest in objection for this decision” stated convener of OUSU, Amila Sandaruwan.

 Earlier, The Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) staged a protest on February 03 demanding the authorities to reopen the Open University.

“We see this as another attempt to surpress the voice of the students in the process of privatizing  free education by the government.” he also added.

 A tense situation arose at the OUSL located in Nawala on January 22 as the management of the university attempted to take the belonging of the students forcefully.

The students encircled the vehicle carrying their belongings while blocking its way out of the university.

However the Vice Chancellor Prof. S.A. Ariadurai claimed that several students attempted to forcibly enter two lecture rooms resulting in a tense situation.

The OUSL was closed on January 25 until further notice on a decision taken by the University Council.



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