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Dinesh's global tempo

Dinesh performing

He has gone down in history by introducing the ancient musical instrument Ravanahaththa to the country. Then he made a name for himself by training under India's music maestro, A R Rahman. After completing his span at Rahman's music academy he enthralled many by composing musical numbers for many art creations.

Dinesh Subasinghe's latest music composition is the score he has composed for the award winning movie 'Ho Gaana Pokuna' (The Singing Pond) which is being screened in theaters across the island these days. Dewmini Fernando,Thrishala Wijethunga,Dinith Ridhmika and Banuka Senevirathna have rendered their voices for the song.

"The score was recorded in Sri Lanka as well as in India. We recently released the soundtrack under the M Entertainment banner," Dinesh said.

He was also in USA recently to popularize Sri Lankan music among American Country and Folk musicians. There he met conic violinist Mark O'Connor who is renowned for American bluegrass, fiddle music, jazz and blues. He even took part in one of O'Connor's camps and a concert held in New York.

"Dinesh was a wonderful asset to the O'Connor Method Camp, New York City, that took place from August 3 to 7, 2015. Not only did he have an infectious enthusiasm for music, sharing, and collaboration, but he also contributed to the culture and joy of the entire camp," O'Connor said.

The O'Connor Method Camp New York City draws musicians from around the globe. It is a music instruction camp for violin, viola, cello, and double bass based on the O'Connor Method. This camp uses American music, creativity, cultural diversity, and improvisation to improve learning for both children and adults who want to take string lessons while enjoying and excelling at music.

"Since America is the world's 'melting pot' of culture, Dinesh's contributions to the camp were everything and more that we hope to see at O'Connor Method Camps. Dinesh was a wonderful ambassador of culture and learning at the camp," he added.

Dinesh's performance of the well known country fiddle theme 'Boil Em Cabbage Down,' which is the first tune in the O'Connor Method Series, on the Ravanahatha was one of the highlights of the camp for all O'Connor Method students to see and hear during one of the daily recitals. It opened many string students' worlds to see the very first tune they learn on their instrument interpreted in such a creative way.

"American music became Sri Lankan music, and what a beautiful message of sharing and embracing of another culture that was for all! Dinesh also elevated the student experience through his musical collaborations. Dinesh gave his personal interpretations to the O'Connor Method materials of all levels in the performances he gave at the student recitals," O'Connor said.

Another of the camp highlights was Dinesh's performance of 'Beautiful Skies,' a piece from O'Connor Method Book I that especially moved him during the jam session the day before. Before playing, he shared the news that a dear friend of his passed away recently, and, when everyone at the camp played 'Beautiful Skies' together at the jam session, he felt his friend's spirit.

Dinesh was so moved by this that he put together a small group of musicians , and teacher trainers to perform 'Beautiful Skies' during the recital that was incredibly poignant. The improvisation nature with each instrument being featured to play the spacious and longing melody as the others accompanied took 'Beautiful Skies,' which is the second tune they learn in the O'Connor Method, to yet another level.

"It was unforgettable seeing and hearing how 'Beautiful Skies' deeply moved Dinesh, the musicians playing with him, and the audience of students, parents, teachers, and faculty. The entire room was captivated during this emotional performance. We hope to spread the message that with A New American School of String Playing, we can change the world for the better, one fiddle at a time. We look forward to meet Dinesh at the next O'Connor Method Camp at New York City from August 1 to 5, 2016," O'Connor said

Dinesh also performed at a Buddhist musical event organized by Ven Maharagama Dammasiri and Ven Saddhaloka. Musicians Himaransi Ranathunga, Ranjith Lokubalasooriya, Ajantha Pieris and Kalpitha Palawatta also supported him during his USA tour.

Dinehsn met businessman Trayane De Silva and Sonia De Silva in New York. The couple along with Jayantha Bamabranda expressed their desire to make a teledrama series in USA. They invited Dinesh to compose the music for the project.

Dinesh has composed music for 67 teledramas and 12 films. Recently he and Uresha Ravihari won the award for the Most Popular Film Song for 'Rukan Pooja' in the movie 'Wariga Pojja' at the Derana Film Awards. He was also nominated for the Best Music Director Award at the event.

Dinesh is working on the background scores for a few teledramas these days. He is also working with seasoned musician Mahesh Denipitiya as a violinist. He is grateful to Jagath Sumathipala and the Sumathi group, Ruwani Marasinghe, Hilary Castle, Joe Smart , Ven Kottawa Nanda, Ven Athuruliya Rathna, Noel Direkz and the Sri Lankans in Washington DC for making his USA tour a memorable experience. 

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