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Requests made to PM to nominate Fonseka


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has received a number of requests from members of civil society organisations, religious leaders and Ranaviru organisations to nominate Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka to fill the Parliament seat which fell vacant due to the passing away of Minister M.K.A.D.S.Gunawardena.

Gunewardena contested the 2015 parliamentary elections under the United National Party ticket but failed to secure a seat. Following the victory of the UNP at general election, Gunawardena was appointed to parliament through the National List.

A decision on who should be appointed to the vacant seat will be taken following discussions between President Maithripala Sirisena and the Prime Minister, sources said. 


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He is the best person to answer some thugs and cardboard heros in parliment .should be a minister of defence

It is a strength to the government and he is the most suitable. His vote base helped MS to come to power. We need a tough honest guy at the top to run this country

Yes, this is an appointment, like that of M.K.A.D.S Gunewardena, that will constitute a proper use of the National List. S.B. Dissanayake was clearly disliked everywhere. These two are people who were respected by a majority in the country, but never came high enough in the voter's mind to get one of their preferences. What they stand for, is acknowledged by significant numbers throughout the country.

What madness is this?! Firstly, the very people of the country did not vote for him or his fabled DNA. Secondly, how can he come from the UNP National List when he contested under his own party. It is unconstitutional. He should just keep his Pinata labunu Field Marshalship and let the professionals govern the country.

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