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Lanka's IT talent to be showcased in Japan

As a prelude to this, Adam-i Consulting, Japan, Adam-i Asia Pvt Ltd together with SLASSCOM, and other IT companies have organized an IT promotional event on January 26, 2016 at JAIC Hilton, Colombo. In June 2016 the pilot project will take place in Minami Uonuma City.

Lanka's IT talent is expected to be showcased in an IT promotional event scheduled in Minami Uonuma City, Japan in June.

Japan. Director, V.P. Marketing, Adam-i Consulting Japan, Kaushal Wawlagala speaking to Daily News Business said that they want more Sri Lankan IT companies to participate in this IT promotional event, so that they can get a very attractive rental package and tax incentives and business development support.

IT companies can get information about Japanese IT industry and opportunities in foreign countries.

"Our company (Adam-i Consulting) is helping Japanese companies to globalize and to get in to emerging markets.

We see that Sri Lankan and Indian IT companies are in terms of quality and global standards they are much better.

Some Sri Lankan companies are catering to worlds biggest stock exchanges and big companies like Ebay, Expedia, Mercedes-Benz and lot of critical applications are done by them. Japanese do not know about this.

"That is why we want to introduce Sri Lankan companies, engineers to Japan,"he said. "Japan has well developed technology especially in hardware, robotics and precision technology.

So how we can leverage the software skills of Sri Lankan IT engineers to build next generation solutions for global markets, that is the main concept. For this our company provide the main consulting part and we develop the basic concept and we work with the top business school in Japan, it's called International University of Japan," he said.

The project is initiated by Minami Uonuma City, International University of Japan and Adam-i to promote foreign IT companies to work side by side with Japanese IT companies enable Japan to build world class software.

" Our plan is to get 350 companies within 15 years from India, Sri Lanka and other countries to make Global IT (GIT) the biggest IT hub in Japan. We are planning to have few promotional events in India and Sri Lanka in January 2016," he said.

"The Global IT Park - Minami Uonuma will become the gateway for foreign IT companies to build business collaborations with Japanese SMEs. This can provide ample business opportunities to Sri Lankan and Indian IT companies.

This will be the first IT hub in Japan mainly targeting foreign firms." he added.

Adam-i Consulting, Japan is one of the leading companies in Japan, specializes in managing, advising on, and troubleshooting technology-basedprojects across the private and public sector, and across a wide range of disciplines.

The company is helping their customers to move forward, help them to make the best decisions for their business, and maximize customers return on investment in their current and future technology.

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