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Moratuwa University IT Faculty temporarily closed

The IT Faculty at the University of Moratuwa has been temporarily closed since Monday barring IT students from entering the department or participating in academic activities over what the university cites as aggravated student protest over a ragging incident.

Speaking to the Daily News, Vice Chancellor Ananda Jayawardene said the university has been extremely tolerant of the student unions.However, a satyagraha conducted this past week, led them to believe that academic activities of other faculties could be hindered in the process.

"There was a ragging incident at the faculty which was reported to us, for which an independent committee investigated the claims. The committee itself sat over 15 times to ascertain the nature of the incident. After charge sheets were filed the recommendations were send to the Board of Residence and Discipline (BRD)," he said.

The BRD he says is akin to the senate of the university with representations from each faculty except for the Vice-Chancellor. Due on the sensitivity of the incident, the BRD reviewed all aspects of the case and recommended the punishment to the Vice-Chancellor.

"In the case of these two students they were served with a temporarily suspension of two years," he said. "The students were free to file an appeal which the university will again thoroughly consider."

However, in this instance the student union had resorted to several protests both inside and outside the university premises. "We as members of the university need to keep in mind that we cannot comprise on the academic activities of other faculties, as such this decision had to be taken."

The Vice-Chancellor went on to say that the faculty will be closed until further notice. 


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