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Import beef from abroad - President

I have instructed the Finance Minister to import beef from abroad for those who consume meat in the island, and take steps to protect the country’s cattle industry, said President Maithripala Sirisena.

The President was addressing a Thai Pongal ceremony at Hindu College in Payagala, Kalutara yesterday.

The President added that he always condemned the inhuman treatment towards animals and that measures should be taken to protect animals and stop animal slaughter in Sri Lanka.

He further said that according to Hinduism, the cow was given a religious and philosophical importance and was adored by Hindu devotees as a sacred animal.

The President added that all animals should be protected in this manner, as the number of slaughtered cattle in Sri Lanka was on the rise. There are laws regarding the transport of cattle, the relevant permits should be taken.

“However, this is not being done. I have given directives to officials to take stern action against those who disobey these laws.If the laws are not in place, we need to introduce them,” Sirisena added.

The President further added, that he had advised the Finance Minister during the making of the budget 2016 to import the necessary beef that is need for consumption to Sri Lanka and stop the slaughter of cattle in Sri Lanka.

“As a non-meat eater, I do not support the killing of animals, whether they are killed in Sri Lanka or abroad”, President Sirisena stated.

Speaking about the Constitution, he said that the mind and a philosophical path were able to unite the people in a better manner and in a way the Constitution never could.

The President added that the culture and traditions of a country are more powerful and should be protected.

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, Health Minister Rajitha Senarathna and Western Province Minister Gamini Thilaksiri were also present on the occasion.

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