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JLanka partners workshop on photovoltaics

With the intent of promoting solar energy use in the country, JLanka Technologies has partnered the iconic fifth installment of the workshop on photovoltaic.

The seminar will address the need, science and applications of photovoltaic technology. The event is jointly organized by the Departments of Chemistry and Physics, and the Research Service Centre of the Faculty of Science at the University of Kelaniya the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka and Sivanathan Laboratories.

Prof. Siva Sivanathan

JLanka has continued to partner landmark events relevant to the broader technological domain, in a bid to raise awareness and direct attention towards breakthrough discoveries and personalities in the field. The session on photovoltaic is expected to shed light on many technical aspects, furthering the understanding of attendees with regard to the technology employed.

The event will be hosted at the University of Kelaniya on January 18 and 19, will see segments and presentations by pioneering thought leaders in the field.

The highlight of the workshop will naturally be its expert panel of presenters, which includes thought leaders of the field such as Prof. Siva Sivanathan, Dr. Tim Coutts, Dr. Tim Gesseert, Dr. Ramesh Dhere, Dr. Mowafak Al-Jassim and Jhon Miller.

The panel, consisting of leading figures in the area of study is scheduled to present their sessions on a truly varied number of areas, addressing the broader theme in a comprehensive, inclusive manner.

Prof. Siva Sivanathan, the Founder and Chairman of Sivanathan Laboratories Inc. among his peers has had great recent success. His work in the field of night vision technology has contributed to the success and safety of US troops in their operations.

"We are committed to uplifting and adding value to the solar industry in the country. This has been our vision for partnering this event and many such events in the past. It's a privilege for us to be able to facilitate such an iconic event and we are happy to be a co- sponsor and a humble partner of such a valuable initiative," commented by Srinath Dolage, Marketing Manager of JLanka Technologies.

Two PV system technologies will be installed and reviewed at the workshop by JLanka in order to give the gathering an in-depth understanding of the system and technology deployed by the company. 

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