Anura Kumara asks for impartial inquiry 

Chief Opposition Whip Anura Kumara Dissanayake urged the government to hold an impartial and transparent investigation into the death of a man who fell from a third floor of a building in Embilipitiya on January 4.

Making a special statement under standing order 23(2) in Parliament yesterday, he also urged to take proper legal action in connection with the incident and to pay compensation to family members of the deceased and those who sustained injuries during the conflict.

He also questioned as to what investigations are being conducted by the government and the stance of the government on this incident Dissanayake also questioned as to how a senior Police Officer came to be involved in this incident.

Full statement by govt following probe: Sagala

Law and Order and Southern Development Minister Sagala Ratnayake assured in Parliament yesterday that an impartial and transparent investigation would be held into the death of the man by falling from a third floor of a building in Embilipitiya on January 4.

The minister also expressed his regret over the incident and said the government would submit a full statement before Parliament after the investigations are over.

He said since an inquest has not been held so far it has still not been ascertained whether it is a murder or an accident. The minister said the Embilipitiya Police HQI and another 20 police officers have been transferred to Seethawaka and Kegalle.

He added that the ASP of Embilipitiya was on leave at the time of the incident.

Ratnayake made these observations in response to a special statement made by Chief Opposition Whip Anura Kumara Dissanayake under standing orders 23(2).

Minister Ratnayake said a clash had occurred at the house of D.P. Mendis at midnight on January 4, 2016 between officers of Embilipitiya Police and guests at the party, at this house.

He added that Sumith Prasanna,26, died after falling from the third floor of the house during the clash.

“There are two statements on the death. One by those at the residence and the other by police officers who went to the site,” Ratnayake said.

“According to the Police, the officers attached to the Embilipitiya Police had arrived at the scene at midnight on January 4 where a party was held following several telephone calls to the Police complaining that the loud noise was disturbing the neighbours.”

The minister said Police had stated that when they went to the house, several people who were drunk assaulted them

“Later the Embilipitiya Police HQI and the ASP had come to scene to resolve the issue and Sumith ran and jumped from the third floor to flee from the Police”.

He said Police claimed a civilian claimed seeing Sumith falling from the third floor.

The minister said according to Police, the house owner had not obtained permission to use loudspeakers.

He also added that some Police officers who sustained injuries during the conflict were also hospitalised.

Minister Ratnayake said according to the statements by those at the party, the Police officers who came at midnight had demanded liquor from the owner of the house.

However a heated argument had taken place and Police had assaulted the participants at the party. Meanwhile, police officers in civil attire too had joined them. He added that the people said that the Police officers pushed Sumith from the third floor during the conflict.

He added that Sumith was admitted to Embilipitiya Hospital and was transferred to Ratnapura Hospital where he died.

When Dissanayake said the man was not Spiderman to jump from the third floor of a building to flee from Police, Minister Ratnayake said he only revealed the versions of both sides and not his.

He added an independent investigation will be held into the incident and the revelations will be submitted to Parliament after the investigations were over. 

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