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Sri Lanka Customs launches Single Window system

Sri Lanka has been linked up with high tech Single Window programme implemented worldwide to facilitate the export-import process of the country. This move has been initiated by Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake in line with the international regulations of the World Trade Organization and the World Customs Organization to increase the efficiency of Customs related activities. The process is carried out using state of the art technology with relevant activities being coordinated through a network of computers.

Under this programme all public and private sector institutions involved in the import export sector will be allowed to lodge information with a single body to fulfill all import or export related regulatory requirements. This will help in overcoming many obstacles in the import and export procedures.

Most importantly it is time saving and eliminates frauds and malpractices.

The Single Window system is in operation in many developed countries in the world including the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, Singapore and South Korea.

Having understood the importance of introducing such technically advanced system to a developing country like Sri Lanka, Minister Karunanayake instructed the Sri Lanka Customs to fast track introduction of this system to the country and as a result it will come into operation from today. The inauguration ceremony of the Single Window system was held this morning at the Sri Lanka Customs Headquarters under the aegis of Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister stated that this measure was taken to enable Sri Lanka to be on a par with the modern world.

“In 2015, the tax income collected by Sri Lanka Customs amounted to Rs.714 million. Our target this year is to have this revenue increased up to Rs. 953 million. The total estimated income of the government this year is Rs. 2004 billion of which 50% is expected from the Customs. The balance is expected to be generated through Inland Revenue and Excise Departments.

This good governance government is humanitarian one. Similarly, it is an open government. The majority of officials at the Customs are a capable lot and their practical knowledge is important to the country. We just want to guide you.

In 2015, we presented a revolutionary budget. The budget proposals were formulated after many rounds of discussions.

Now is the time to implement budget proposals. As a nation we gained independence many moons ago. But, we are yet to gain true economic independence. Therefore what we want to do is to grant economic independence to all the people in the country”, the Minister said. Finance Ministry Secretary Dr.R.H.S.Samaratunga and Customs Director General Chulananda Perera were also present on the occasion. 

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