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Easy to win general elections than SLC election, says Arjuna


Former Sri Lanka captain Arjuna Ranatunga commenting on yesterdays election defeat said that it was easy to win a general election than an SLC election because of the mafia involvement at SLC elections.

Upto Saturday night we were assured of 90 votes from the membership but something had gone wrong overnight. This cricket mafia has to be stopped and the only way to do it is to change the constitution, said Ranatunga. Explaining what this cricket mafia was Ranatunga stated that buying of votes was one of them although it cannot be proved.

A good example is I won a parliament seat contesting with three different parties but in cricket you cannot do that because of the cricket mafia,†he said. I dont blame the membership for our defeat. I thought I come forward and serve the game but if the membership doesn't want me it is the cricket that will suffer.

Ranatunga stated that it would be interesting to see who will represent Sri Lanka at future ICC meetings.

He also blamed the Director-General of Sports K.D.S. Ruwanchandra for not being fair by all in accepting nominations and that he would seek legal opinion before taking the next step. As a government official the way the Director-General has acted is rather disappointing. It is not good for the government to have such officials, Ranatunga said. [ST] 


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මෙතුමාට මම ඉතාගරුකරන කෙනෙක්, මේක ප්‍රජාතන්ත්‍රවාදී චන්දයක්, දිනන්න බැරිඋනාන්ම්, මාෆියා මාෆියා කියා කියා බොරුකියල වැඩක් නැහැ

It is easy to fool the voters in a general election. However, I do not like Arajuna coming forward to support his corrupted brother whom he has been accusing for the last ten years.

My Dear Arjuna, you have lost all the faith we had on you since you elected your "Unqualified" Brother for the post @ SLPA. So shut up and move on, you are no better than the rest of the Gang.

Bambuwa ! Every time Arjuna opens his wide mouth after a disgraceful defeat, he has some thing sinister to say against his victor. He boasted to se nd Namal R, home, but saved his own skin by a miracle during the last elections.Arjuna is now a spent Disgracefully defeated, at every contest. WE won the Cup colletively and thats over now. Why harp over that eternally ? Arjuna and his family members are now a spent force.They have done nothing worthwhile to the country.

Arjuna you are a sore loser.Learn to give honour unto whom honour is due.What rubbish are you talking about cricket mafia?Perhaps you know that word very well.Dont display your ignorance.

Arjuna, you brought fame to Sri Lanka once. That brought you recognition and parliamentary seat and portfolios. Be contended with what you already have. Too much of greed will bring you disrepute. You politicians have no limits in your wants!


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