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Fame of good governance government on steady upswing - Rajitha

Following the opening of Osu Sala outlet Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine minister Rajitha Senaratne initiated the issue of medicinal drugs to SPC wholesale dealers. Here the minister issuing the first stock of drugs  to a dealer in Galle. Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardana, Galle district parliamentarian Wijepala Hettiarchchi and SPC Chairman Sarath Liyanage were also present.

Reputation and the strength of good governance government led by President Maitripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are rising as of the steady increase of marks on the score board when well-formed batsmen are at the wicket, Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said.

He was speaking at the inauguration of the relocated State Osu Sala outlet of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation at Karapitiya, Galle on Tuesday.

"We could satisfactorily complete the 100 days programme of the United National Front government with just 45 parliamentarians in support while over 100 were in the Opposition. Some reactionary forces are exerting a futile effort to hinder the forward march of the government. They acted with the hope of an eminent collapse of the government in the passage of Budget 2016. Nevertheless 2016 Budget was passed with two thirds majority in the parliament. The 150 votes cast in favour of the budget in its second reading were increased up to 161 at its third reading. We could easily introduce the 19th Amendment to the Constitution with the majority approval. In future there would be more cross overs from the Opposition to the ruling party. Hence the national unity government of good governance will continue as a formidable government until 2020 fulfilling all aspirations of the people," Senaratne said.

Commenting on the government's efforts in providing medicinal drugs to people at fair prices, the minister said his ministry had already formulated rules and regulations for the establishment of a National Medicinal Drug Regulatory Authority, which was essential and sent it for the approval of the Attorney General's Department.

"According to National Medicinal Drug Policy, establishment of the Regulatory Authority is vital and essential. Firm and sturdy rules are required to fight the drug mafia. A policy frame work is needed for the control and regulate the medicinal drug trade. People charge us for the delay in initiating the National Policy on medicinal drugs. We have done what we have to do on our part. Now the delay is in the process of the policy through the Attorney General's Department," he said.

I would like to appeal to all those who accuse us for the delay in reducing prices of medicinal drugs to be patient for some time as we have initiated every step for the purpose," the minister asserted.

"We could introduce the National Medicinal Drug Policy even before the expected time frame. Some queried about the swiftness in introducing the policy. Some tried to hinder our effort. Medicinal drug trade is one of most thriving global businesses. There is a robust mafia connected to the business worldwide. Many who tried to voice and act against this mafia had to face untimely deaths. There were attempts for the National Medicinal Drug Police since 1971 in our country. Initiators of this were Dr. Senaka Bibile and Dr. S. A. Wickramesinghe who were both leftist leaders. There were similar attempts in 1991 and 1996. However, all these endeavours did not reach the final stage. Although the initiators of the policy were from left parties it could not be implemented during leftist governments. However, it could be implemented during a UNP led government," Senaratne said.

He said he is personally pleased over his success in implementing the NMDP during his tenure as the respective minister for Dr. Senaka Bibile, the architect and mentor of the policy was his teacher of Pharmacology at Peradeniya University.

"I feel it as a destined obligation of mine. I still remember his comments on the drug mafia. Our National Policy on Medicinal Drugs is globally acclaimed. Even UNICEF has acknowledged our policy as an authentic move to regulate and control the drug mafia," he said.

"Profit margin of some drugs exceeds 3,000 to 4,000 per cent. Medicinal Drug trade of SPC should be both a profit and service oriented business. So I requested them to reduce their profit margin to 75 per cent, to which they hesitated and urged for a profit margin of at least 88 per cent. Subsequently I compromised for an 85 percent profit margin over all SPC products. So the Osu Sala prices are much lower than of other private firms. We can bring down the prices even lower for which we need a secured strategy under the existing law of the country.

"Some question whether our government could bring all criminals and crooks to book. They charge over the delay in executing punishment on them. We have to do all such things according to the law of the country. The delay is in swift execution of law procedures. The execution of the law in our country is at times very strange and has a dual function. When a common man is caught with a locally made Gal Katas, the law enforcement agencies take swift action and bring the person before courts. However, when the same agency detected a person with over 3,500 arms, they simply refer the case to the Attorney General's Department without applying the procedure they used on the common man," he alleged.

Although we could change the government, we were unable to change the state. Still many powerful state agencies are dominated by officials who enjoyed many rewarding privileges and benefits from former President Mahinda Rajapaksa . Still they seem to be loyal to him. We changed the previous regime through a peaceful and democratic process. However, we too have to launch a second phase of revolution to change the state," he pointed out. 


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what a load of crap,not a single corrupt politician behind bars and the Nepotisme is all over the government.This whole things becomming a good governance of nepotisme...!

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