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Residents disturbed by spray painting of 'Sinhale' word


Some Muslim residents in the Nugegoda area yesterday were disturbed to find that their walls and gates had been spray painted with the word 'Sinhale' by some unidentified groups on Saturday night.

The residents said that the motive behind that act might have been to provoke the Muslims in the Nugegoda area.

A resident said: "The word 'Sinhale' has been written on the walls and gates of Muslim houses on Saturday night. It is clear that their main target has been Muslims. 


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All extreme groups esp the Monks backed political groups should be removed or be persecuted. The monks should practice and preach Buddhism rather than get involved in politics. If they come across my path and quarrel, they would get slapped.

Tolerate deranged radicalized minds and the result would be a deranged selfish society so clearly seen in this country at all levels. Lock them up at least for a period, till they see. The oldies must be sent to retirement homes for limited practice of their impracticable utopic dreams

Srilanka has hardly recovered from the 30 year war and the national issue of the Tamils yet to be resolved there are politicians behind people provoking riots of a different for for selfish political power.

The Only trumpets left for the defeated and bankrupt politicos are Racism, Racialism,Extremism. Public should well aware of this.And no doubt those are all behind this groups.

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