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GMOA sees minister's personal staff member as stumbling block

The Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) is always ready to solve issues through discussions as it did in the past with the former Health Minister and current President Maithripala Sirisena but it will not be possible as long as Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne keeps certain persons in his personal staff, GMOA Secretary Dr. Nalinda Herath said.

According to Dr. Herath, at the moment there is a specific person in Minister Senaratne's personal staff who had been a member of the GMOA and later sacked from the GMOA for disciplinary reasons.

This person is purposely taking all possible steps to create a conflict between the GMOA and the Health Minister and always prevent GMOA's letters reaching Minister Senaratne, he said. Dr. Hearth pointed out that there was no conflict whatsoever between the GMOA and President Sirisena.

"This was because he was just a phone call away and it was possible to reach him at any time without much hassle. The GMOA did not want to strike because the former Health Minister's personal staff always made arrangements to ensure smooth coordination between the GMOA and the Health Minister," he said. Dr. Herath stressed that during a period of one year, Minister Senaratne gave only two discussions to the GMOA.

"But in the past, the former Health Minister called us for discussions every month and in addition he gave us the chance to meet him at any time to solve urgent issues. The GMOA is an association of professionals who are always willing to solve issues through discussions," he said. 

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