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Adam Capital to launch two projects for Rs. 1bn

Ajith Pasqual, Dhanuska Gulam Hussain

Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd has initiated discussions to operate a Renewable Energy based Electrical Power Generation unit.

The company hopes to generate an exportable capacity to the national grid of 3.4 Gwh electrical units per annum (approx installed capacity of 440 Kw). This project would eliminate pollution from the char-coaling process along with the renewable power generation should enable Adam Carbons to successfully register and trade in Carbon Credits under the guidelines of the Kyoto Protocol.

In addition Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd has initiated discussions to capture carbon dioxide (CO2), processed on site and refine it into food grade purity.

This would enable Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd to earn valuable non-core product income to its profitability. The project would be located at the Adam Carbon Factory site at Giriulla and this project would eliminate the deposition of effluent waste gases into the atmosphere.

Adam Carbons (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Adam Capital PLC. The total investment for the two projects would be in the excess of Rs. 1 billion. 

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