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Kandy Smart City to flourish with US$ 94m facelift, expressway & Dynasty residence

Kandy the hidden jewel is well set to flourish with a US$ 94m facelift, expressway, Dynasty residence and smart city initiative with US$ 94m development budget under the "Strategic Cities Development Project" initiative by the government.

Kandy is a glorious city where all communities live in harmony, said Sri Lankan born US entrepreneur MahasenSamaravijaya, founder member of GVR Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. A former chairman of the Sri Lanka, America Business Council Samaravijaya said the advent of the iconic Dynasty Residence as a development project in the historic Hill capital Kanday has already begun fueling the neighbourhood outlook on the value of their surroundings, aspirational values, thought beyond their bubble, education levels, quality of life and uplifting of the society at large. Dynasty Residence Kandy, is the first ever luxury residential apartment complex to be built on the banks of the longest river in Sri Lanka, the Mahaweli River and the construction is presently completed up to the 17th Floor. The apartment complex has a modern contemporary city living brought about by world class architectural designs built under US Green Building LEED standards to maintain energy, be water efficient and environmental friendly.

"The scenic views from the Sky Villas and Penthouse which overlooks the Knuckles range is nothing less than breathtaking, if you know the greens and water beauty of Kandy, you will be living right in the middle of it" Samaravijaya added.

Kandy fondly termed as the "hidden Jewel awaiting to be uncovered" by the diplomatic corps in Sri Lanka is set to undergo unprecedented development and transformation in the three years as the first 'Smart City' in the island. The objectiveof smart cities is to fuelgrowth in economy and quality of life by using information technology to empower infrastructure development.

Sri Lanka's hill capital Kandy is well set to become the model Smart City' of South East Asia.Minister of Town Planning and Water Resources Rauf Hakeem reiterated that Kandy will be developed as the first 'Smart City' in the island.

The core infrastructure elements in a smart city would include adequate water supply, uninterrupted electric supply, proper sanitation, including solid waste management, efficient public transport, good governance, health and education, sustainable environment and safety and security of citizens.

The Colombo-Kandy Highway which is planned to be completed by 2017 would further enrich the historic city's value. By assessing the development, traffic and investments in the southern region and land value increase in the aftermath of constructing the Southern Highway, Kandy too with the completion of the Kandy Expressway, US$ 94 facelift, advent and smart city boost, is set to be the next glittering jewel of the Island.

The city of Kandy will not only be the hill capital of Sri Lanka but also the best investment destination in Sri Lanka since exponential growth is expected within the next few years due to four factors,a record budget to develop the city which is more than double compared to the other big city of Galle (43M USD), Kandy being named the first Smart City, construction of the Colombo-Kandy expressway and Dynasty Residence changing the skyline of the historic hidden jewel of the enchanting hill capital of Sri Lanka, observers say. 

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