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Avant Garde pistol from Mahanuwara vessel missing

A complaint has been lodged with the Galle Harbour Police that a pistol belonging to Avant Garde Security Company has been misplaced from the Mahanuwara vessel, now anchored in the harbour.

Navy Media Spokesman Captain Akram Alavi stated that all weapons of the Avant Garde Security firm which had been stored in the vessel Mahanuwara were taken into Navy custody in Wednesday night.

Accordingly, 2,410 weapons belonging to 20 sea protection companies were sent to the Ordnance of the Southern Naval Camp.

However, one of the sea protection companies, Emergency Maneuvering Lanka Pvt. Ltd. (EML) has complained to Police that one of their pistols was misplaced during the weapon transferring procedure. At the same time, the Naval Commander in charge of the Southern Region has requested Police to confirm that there are no other weapons left on board other than the weapons taken into naval custody.

EML said the weapon had been placed in a safe locker aboard the Avant Garde operated MV Mahanuwara anchored at Galle. Avant Garde had also made a complaint that the Mahanuwara armoury had been opened without their presence.

Avant Garde has also written to the Defence Ministry Secretary, complaining that EML had been allowed to open a safe deposit box without an Avant Garde representative present.

Police are to launch yet another investigation into the missing pistol while the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is conducting a separate investigation into the 59 tampered weapons found aboard on MV Avant Garde.

"In this case, we will look into the question of this pistol going missing, but we have also heard that many more weapons are missing from Avant Garde armouries and that information came following a weapons audit by the navy before the president ordered the take over," a senior police source said.

President Maitripala Sirisena ordered last week that weapons aboard two floating armouries now anchored at the Galle Harbour be taken over by the Navy along with the sea marshal operation carried out by Avant Garde for the past three years. It was an operation previously carried out by the Navy that was subsequently handed over to Avant Garde through a Defence Ministry - established private security arm known as Rakna Araksha Lanka Limited (RALL). 


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