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‘Avant Garde fired at final UNP rally’

Some questioning about good governance policies
Those who favoured Avant Garde gained financially

Certain members of the Avant Garde Company were involved in opening fire at the final UNP general election rally, health and indigenous medicine minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said.

He was addressing a meeting after opening the Madurawla Akkara 13 drinking water supply project in Bulathsinhala built at a cost of Rs. 1 million on Sunday. “But today certain UNP ministers do not speak about UNP supporters who received gun shot injuries.

They are questioning about the fate of good governance policies,” he said. The minister told the gathering that he wished to categorically state that no harm would be done to the good governance policies. “Those who spoke in favour of Avant Garde Company gained financially.

One person who claimed to be a war hero, claimed that 5,000 war heroes would stand to lose their jobs with the closure of the Avant Garde Company,” Dr. Senaratne said.

“When a war hero attached to Avant Garde was killed in an operation abroad, the international shipping agents had paid Rs. 35 million as compensation for the loss of his life. But the manager of the company had paid only Rs. 6 million to the family of the dead war hero. The balance Rs. 29 million was stolen ,” he said.

“International agents paid $ 3,000 in respect of each war hero engaged in Avant Garde operations abroad. But these war heroes were only paid a salary of $ 950 each by the company. It is strange to see certain ministers speaking on behalf of Avant Garde Company which fleeced the salaries and death gratuities paid to war heroes,” the minister said. The present government has laid the groundwork to bring about good governance in the country.

“Eradication of poverty is also a part of good governance. But some people who have completely forgotten this, are chasing after money by forgetting poverty. Good governance was created according to an agreement. But certain UNP ministers are coming forward to represent business magnates by conveniently forgetting good governance policies, the minister said.


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