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Seya Sadewmi murder: It's SAMAN!

DNA tallies
Chief Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department Ravindra Wimalasiri arriving at the Minuwanda Magistrate’s Court with the DNA report yesterday. Picture by Kotadeniyawa group and Minuwangoda special

Minuwangoda Magistrate D. A. Ruwan Pathirana yesterday declared that the DNA samples of Saman Jayalath (36) who was arrested over the rape and murder of five-year-old Seya Sadewmi in Kotadeniyawa, matched with the samples recovered from the body of the murdered victim.

The Genetech Molecular Diagnostics Research Institute (GMDRI), Colombo conducted all DNA tests related to the case and they handed over the last report of all their tests to the Minuwangoda Magistrate yesterday through the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Accordingly, the scientific evidence have already proved that Saman Jayalath is the main suspect and the killer of little Seya Sadewmi.

Four suspects including a schoolboy were arrested in connection with Seya's rape and murder and two of them were released earlier as their DNA samples did not match with those recovered from the body of Seya.

The third suspect in the case Dunesh Priyashantha (33) alias Kondaya was arrested by the CID on September 23 and he confessed to the rape and murder in detail on the same day. But when he was questioned by the CID continuously he had said that he did not know anything about the incident and that the crime had been committed by his elder brother. Kondaya's brother had threatened him to confess to the CID and own up to the killing since the brother had known that Kondaya

would be released when his DNA was tested. The DNA samples of Kondaya did not match with that recovered from the body of the murdered victim as the brother knew . But Kondaya began to reveal the real scene and his brother Saman was arrested by the Police on October 03 in Negambo. The brother then confessed to the rape and murder of the little girl when he was questioned by the police and CID. The CID questioned him for 72 hours having obtained a detention order from the Minuwangoda Chief Magistrate and he revealed all what he did to little Seya.

Thereafter Saman was brought to the Genetech for a DNA test on October 6. The result of the test was revealed yesterday and it proved that his DNA samples matched with the samples which were taken from little Seya's body.

When the Daily News contacted Senior Scientist and Head of Molecular Diagnostics Division of the Genetech Dr Ruwan Ileperuma on the process carried out by Genetech with regard to the case , he said ; "we are the people who carried out each and every DNA test related to this case. We issued a number of DNA reports related to the Seya's case. The final report of this case had already been issued in detail. We tested a number of DNA samples related to this case and issued the results. Now our role in this is complete and it was successful".

Five-year-old Seya Sadewmi was found strangled to death on September 13 after she was reported missing from her home at Kotadeniyawa in Divulapitiya on September 12 night.

The CID is investigating whether Kondaya had allegedly assisted his brother to commit the crime or was it Jayalath alone who had done it, as Kodaya revealed.

The CID is to present a progress report on the investigations which are on going into the rape and murder of Seya Sadewmi, to the Magistrate on October 19, the date on which this case is to be called again as earlier ordered by the Minuwangoda Chief Magistrate Ruwan Pathirana. 

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