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Kenyans dominate LSR Colombo Marathon

Anuradhi women's champion
Women’s full marathon winner Anuradhi Bogahawatta receiving the award from SriLankan airlines manager for Europe and America Kaushal Seneviratne and Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara. Tourism  Promotions and Christian Affairs Deputy Minister Nimal Lanza and Lanka Sportsrizin chairman Thilak Weerasinghe also look on. Pictures by Sulochana Gamage

Kenyans accounted for top honours, maintaining their splendid record while Sri Lanka Navy athlete Anuradhi Bogahawatte won the women's marathon at the 15th LSR Colombo Marathon at Negombo yesterday.

Kenyans who have maintained their supremacy over the past few years, winning the prestigious LSR Colombo Marathon, won the first three podium finishes at yesterday's event which saw 6466 athletes, from 39 countries in action.

Kenya's Antony Nduogu Nugo won this year's men's marathon with ease, clocking a time of 2 hours 23 minutes and 17 seconds. Nugo was the winner at the 2013 edition of the LSR Colombo Marathon and finished second last year.

His fellow Kenyan athletes Albert Kangor (2:24.21) Joseph Kariuki (2:25.51) were placed second and third respectively. The best among the Sri Lankan competitors were 29-year old soldier Upul Vijitha Kumara clocked 2hrs 26 mins and 27 secs to be placed fourth in the mens' event.

Sri Lanka's Anuradhi Bogahawatte came first in the women's marathon, clocking 3 hrs 2 mins and 38 seconds ahead of Kenyan Dorcas Jebotip Tarus (3: 9.43) and M G Buddhika (3:33.43) who were placed second and third respectively.

Kenya’s Antony Nduogu Nugo receiving an award from SriLankan Airlines manager for Europe and America Kaushal Seneviratne

A mini marathon, a five-kilometre event and a 10 kilometre event were also conducted in addition to the main event and a notable participant of the five kilometre event was former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The presentation ceremony was held at the Catamaran Beach Hotel, Negombo with Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera, Sports Director General K D S Ruwanchandra, Tourism Promotions and Christian Affairs Deputy Minister Nimal Lanza, LSR Chairman Thilak Weerasinghe and representatives from SriLankan Airlines being present.

Winners of the men’s full marathon, Antony Nduogu Mugo, Albert Kangor and Joseph Kariuki of kenya. 

The prestigious 15th LSR Colombo Marathon was organized by Lanka Sportsreizen under the supervision of Sri Lanka Athletics Association with the support of Ministry of Sports, Western Province Tourist Board, Western Provincial Council with the relevant Pradeshiya Sabhas, Negombo Municipal Council, Sri Lanka Police and the Tri Forces, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion bureau and the SriLankan airlines manager for Europe and America Kaushal Seneviratne

Former President and Parliamentarian Mahinda Rajapaksa participating at the LSR Colombo Marathon 



Full marathon

Men's - 1. Antony Nduogu Mugo (Kenya) 2:23.17 hours 2. Albert Kangor (Kenya) 2:24.21 hours 3. Joseph Kariuki (Kenya) 2:25.51 hours 4. B Upul Vijithakumara 2:26.27 hours 5. Peter Keter (Kenya) 2:30.08

Women's - 1. B.G.L.A. Bogahawaththa 3:02.38 hours 2. Dorcas Jebotip Tarus (Kenya) 3:09.57 hours 3. M.G. Buddhika 3:33.43 hours 4. S.D. Hemanthi 3:36.06 hours 5. W.A.D. Mallika Chandrakanthi 3:39.15

Men's Veterans - 1. Sunil Premaratne 2. Shelton Senasinghe 3. Anil Rineshan de Weerasekara

Mini Marathon

Men's - 1. K.G.R. Samankumara 1:10.03 hours 2. G.P.A. Bandara 1:10.03 hours 3. Ajith Bandara 1:11.21 hours

Women's - 1. W.D.M. Weerakkody 1:27.45 hours 2. Krishanthani 1:29.00 hours 3. D.P.M. Madushika 1:29.32 hours

Men's veterans - 1. N. Udaya Shanthasiri 2. K.A. Ajith Pushpakumara Alwis 3. Nimal Atapattu

Women's veterans - 1.Dinar Bodin 2. Karman Busoni (Italy) 3. W.C. Premaratne

10 KMs

Men's - 1. T. M. Erantha Tennakoon 2. K.M.D.K. Wijeratne 3. R.M.R. Bandara

Boys (shools) - 1. R.L.S. Abeykoon 2. K.T. Dileepa 3. Sachindra Ramesh

Girls (shools) - 1. K. Sanduni Tharika 2. K.Uresha Dihani 3. Iresha Sandarenu

Men's (open) - 1.P.G.B.M. Gamage 2. G.I.T. Fonseka 3. M.A.T. Samarasinghe

Women's (open) - 1.S.D. Ariyathileka 2. K.S. Sandamali 3. SUleika Ibrahim