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Erotica: Accessible fantasy

Reading for pleasure

Are you one of the millions who have stumbled upon adult content on the internet? It's no surprise, with the endless supply of graphic pornography and subtle erotica just a click away. From straightforward depictions of sexual activity to more niche categories, the internet caters to all tastes. But with such easy access to adult content, is it really surprising that so many of us have indulged?

The internet offers a seemingly endless supply of so-called ‘adult content’, with countless categories available to explore. The videos within these categories tend to be straightforward, featuring characters engaging in sexual activity that often culminates in an explicit visual climax. This no-frills approach to depicting sexuality is precisely what many seek out, as it offers a raw and unfiltered representation of sexual desire. For those who enjoy this type of content, the immediate gratification and lack of pretence is a major draw.

Innocent entertainment

However, some seek out more intricate storytelling, emotional depth, and character development in the content they consume. For these individuals, erotica offers a unique form of entertainment that can't be found in other types of media. With the rise of erotica as a popular genre, a growing number of individuals are actively seeking out these types of works, embracing the unique experience that comes with reading erotica. Erotica is a genre of literature that explores sexual themes and desires creatively and artistically. In contemporary times, Literotica has evolved to encompass various formats, including short stories, poetry, novels, and more.

With the rise of electronic books as well as reading-material websites in recent years, the genre has become more accessible than ever, allowing readers to indulge in steamy scenes without drawing unwanted attention. The runaway success of bestsellers like EL James’ Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Sylvia Day's Crossfire series, and Sylvain Reynard's Gabriel's Inferno series have contributed significantly to the growth of the genre, drawing in a wider readership with their imaginative and seductive narratives. The allure of erotic novels lies in the reader's ability to tailor the scenes to their personal preferences and imagine the stories playing out in their minds.

Negative outcomes

The WorldWide Web has gone the extra mile to inform us that the consumption of pornography can lead to a range of negative outcomes, including the perpetuation of unrealistic expectations, body image issues, and potential harm to romantic relationships. Pornography often fails to depict crucial elements of healthy sexual encounters, such as verbal and non-verbal consent, effective communication between partners, contraceptive use, and discussions about sexually transmitted infections – we are told.

This lack of accurate representation can lead individuals to conflate adult content with real-life sexual encounters, potentially leading to unsafe practices and harmful outcomes for both themselves and their partners. Given the importance of consent and safety in sexual experiences, the Internet wants us to understand the differences between pornography and real-world sexual encounters, as well as the potential risks associated with conflating the two.

My intention here is not to draw a comparison between pornography and erotica. Give that prompt to Google, and the search engine will provide you with more than a baker’s dozen of studies -just like what I have said in the previous paragraph. Of course, pornography is a strictly no-go area not only in our country but in any other country less governed by cultural hegemony. The logic is simple. Mating in public is allowed only for animals. No one would fine them. No one would look at them goggled and drooling. That said, mating is very much a private affair. So is the dress code. We have specific regions in our bodies which we intend to keep closed all the time whenever we are in public no matter what fashion we choose. But we never consider it taboo to share some dirty joke – probably we consider it a little anti-social. But it does not seem horrendous as mating and going fully naked in public.

Sophisticated habit

Reading erotica is just like that. Erotica does offer some advantages over pornography. One of the main differences is that erotica can come in various forms, including erotic fiction and erotic passages within larger works of fiction. This allows for a wider range of storytelling and character development, which can enhance the reader's emotional investment in the content. Because erotica relies on written language rather than visual media, it may be less likely to promote unrealistic expectations or perpetuate harmful stereotypes about body image and sexual behaviour.

If you're already a fan of sexy sagas, you may already be aware of the arousing effect that reading about people getting down and dirty can have on you. Erotic literature, from steamy Game of Thrones fan-fiction to the entire Fifty Shades series, can be totally engrossing. The emotions you experience while reading these stories can be complex, but understanding the neurological effects of reading erotica will make you completely rethink the phrase ‘mind over matter’.

In her 2016 essay entitled ‘My Secret Weapon Against Stress and Anxiety’, Sarah Jane explains that you can counteract stress and anxiety by engaging in an activity that produces a similar physical response but also generates more positive feelings. She shares that a few minutes before she reads one of her preferred erotic novels, her racing heart feels overwhelmed. However, once she begins reading, her feelings shift to arousal.

The boom of erotic novels in the book market has been a hot topic of discussion in recent years, with the likes of Fifty Shades of Grey leading the way.

But who is actually reading these titillating tales, and why? According to a recent online study by Maria Kraxenberger, Christine A. Knoop, and Winfried Menninghaus, the majority of readers are heterosexual women in committed relationships who are highly educated and avid readers. Interestingly, the rewards of reading erotic novels go beyond simply getting hot under the collar, with distraction and feelings of ease also cited as prime motivators. While sexual explicitness and the potential for life guidance are also factors, they are not as important as previously thought.

Despite criticisms of the genre, the participants in the study considered erotic novels to be progressive and even feminist. This surprising finding is largely attributed to the readers’ traditional beliefs regarding gender roles. The study provides valuable insight into a cultural phenomenon that is often dismissed and overlooked, emphasizing the importance of further investigations beyond the traditional literary canon.

It may be challenging to avoid encountering sexually explicit content online, but the rise of erotica as a popular genre offers readers an alternative to traditional pornography. Erotica allows for a more intricate storytelling approach that explores sexual themes and desires creatively and artistically. With the genre becoming more accessible than ever through electronic books and reading-material websites, readers can indulge in steamy scenes without drawing unwanted attention. 

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