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Confusion after abduction of SI, PC in Palai

Police have launched an investigation into an alleged abduction of four persons, including Sub Inspector L.N.P. Perera,   Crimes Division OIC of the Palai Police and constable Mendis, by an armed group who disguised themselves as police officers of the Walana Corruption Prevention Unit.

They had been abducted on Wednesday night at gun point while they were at the holiday bungalow of the Coconut Development Board at Pudukkadu, Palai.

The other two people, who were abducted, are friends of the Crimes Division OIC. They had come from Colombo with another three people to go on a trip to Jaffna. When the abduction took place, three among the group had escaped and complained to the Palai Police.

Walana Police, the CID and TID have denied their involvement in the incident when contacted by the Palai Police. However, it was later revealed that the arrest allegedly had been done by a group of Excise Department officers, who came to the North to conduct a cannabis raid. The Police are investigating into the incident.Police said that law will be implemented against the police officers if they were connected to the cannabis trade.


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