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Missing businessman’s body found in swimming pool, murder suspected

The body of businessman Roshan Wanninayake, who was missing for three days was found floating in the swimming pool on the third floor of his three-storied house in Pelawatta yesterday evening.

Police said that the body found naked was swollen beyond recognition.

There had been many blood stains near the swimming pool, so the police believe that this may be a murder. Preliminary investigations have revealed that he may have been killed by a blow to the head and the naked bodies had been dragged to the swimming pool.

The officer also said that the businessman’s underwear as well as several other clothes were found near the swimming pool and there is a suspicion that he was naked when he died. The official said that there were two condoms at the same place where the swimming pool was located and it appears that one of the condoms had been used.

This businessman had left his house in Wellampitiya around 5.30 in the evening in his car. Police information revealed that the businessman’s sister made several phone calls to him at around 7:00 PM and he had not responded to them.

It is said that she made that call regarding the preparation of dinner. Later, at 7.29 pm, he made a phone call to his sister and asked her why she called him, police said.

After that call, even her brother’s mobile phone was switched off and the sister has filed a complaint with the Wellampitiya Police yesterday (01) stating that he is missing.

Police have also revealed that after the murder of this businessman,four credit cards in his wallet are missing.

Investigations have also revealed that five tickets have been booked through credit cards after the disappearance of the businessman. After receiving the complaint about the disappearance of this businessman, during the preliminary investigation conducted by the Wellampitiya Police, it was found that 02 air tickets to the United Kingdom had been booked.

But after the murder of this businessman, it has been revealed that five air tickets have been booked to go to Indonesia. Investigations have also revealed that after the murder of the businessman, a purchase of goods worth Rs. 500,000 has also been done

A high-ranking police officer said that they will examine the information today from the agency from which these tickets were purchased and take steps to identify those who used the credit cards of this businessman by checking the security camera footage of the airport.

For this, the police say that information should be obtained from the banks that have issued the credit cards. The police said that they will get the necessary orders today as court orders have been required.

At first sight, the investigators found that a woman was involved in the murder of this businessman. The police investigators suspect that a group of people killed this businessman while he was staying with the woman in the house in Pelawatte.

Although the businessman’s body was found, the businessman’s car was not found until yesterday evening. The police suspect that the killers have fled the country by now.

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