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‘Lake House Movers’ Cargo Service and ‘Dinamina Colombo-Kataragama Express Bus Service’ launched

The Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (ANCL) better known as Lake House, which is engaged in a unique mission for the future of the nation has taken steps to start a cargo and passenger transport service with the aim of providing a more reliable service to the people.

Accordingly, “Lake House Movers” cargo service and “Dinamina” Colombo-Kataragama Express Bus Service” were launched yesterday (8) by ANCL Chairman and Managing Director Anusha Palpita.

The services were ceremonially launched amidst the chanting of Seth Pirith by the Maha Sanga including Chief Incumbent of the Sri Sambuddhaloka Viharaya Colombo Ven. Vitharandeniye Medhananda Thera. The ANCL Chairman issued the first bus ticket to a passenger on the occasion.

The Colombo-Kataragama Bus Service will depart from the Pettah Bus Stand at 7 p.m. to Kataragama via Galle Road daily and is scheduled to depart for Colombo at 9.15 a.m. the following day. Apart from this, the Cargo Transport Service operates at subsidized rates within and outside Colombo and provides vehicles with driver and assistant on a monthly rental basis.

Ven. Sastrapati Witharandeniye Medhananda Thera said that Lake House, as a responsible media organization in the country, is using its resources to serve the people. These services will be a great relief for the needy passengers.

“This can be considered a very valuable service on the part of Lake House to dedicate the resources of the institution for the welfare of the people,” the Thera said.

“Lake House Chairman Anusha Palpita and the Board of Directors have implemented this programme which will be of great benefit to the country and the people when there are some people in society who are conspiring to create chaos in society.

Like Lake House other institutions should also take similar measures to serve the people with their resources. I would like to gratefully mention that this gesture by Lake House has set a precedent for other institutions as well,” the Thera said.

ANCL Chairman and Managing Director Anusha Palpita said that Lake House is finding various business avenues and moving forward. After publishing newspapers for about 110 years, our economy has reached a situation where it is not possible to continue with newspapers alone.

“A ton of paper which cost Rs.50,000 to Rs. 60,000 now costs more than Rs. 500,000.

“If we get printing papers at these prices, the cost will increase by Rs. 35 to 40 million per month in addition to the current cost. We are trying to improve and develop the commercial printing sector,” the ANCL Chairman added.

“If we use our vehicles to distribute newspapers all over Sri Lanka, we will have to incur huge costs. All newspaper distribution agencies are using one-fourth, one-third of that cost. If you distribute newspapers together with them, this cost can be greatly reduced. But if such a thing is done in the current situation, what will happen to the vehicles and employees of the company,” he noted.

“If it can be implemented effectively, we can make good use of these vehicles. Not every business ends successfully. But there is no point in not trying. Therefore, we are trying to make the two buses operating between Colombo and Kataragama profitable ventures. If it is not profitable, another decision will be taken. Let’s try and keep this going profitably. It is stated in the ANCL business registration that Lake House can do about 100 other types of business,” he noted.


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