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No privatization of CEB - Committee member

Dr. Susantha Perera, a member of the Committee for the restructuring of the Ceylon Electricity Board said that there will be no privatization of the CEB or its related institutions. 

He stated this in a press conference held at the Ministry of Power Energy yesterday.

“Restructuring is expected to separate functions of the CEB and establish independent institutions to carry out those functions. Accordingly, it is to be made into entities that conduct independent operations for electricity generation, transmission and distribution. This restructuring cannot be done by keeping the Electricity Board as one institution. Therefore, the above operations vested with the CEB should be separated and vested with independent institutions. That means those organizations should be converted into registered companies under the Companies Act,” he said.

“Registration as a company and privatization are two entirely different things,” he added.

He went on to say that mere establishment as a company does not remove the ownership of the power of board’s resources or activities from the Government.

In this restructuring proposal, only a plan has been presented on how to separate the functions there and establish them as independent institutions for regulation. For that, some amendments should be made in the existing Act, he added.



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