Look into process followed by AG’s Dept. when filing cases - Imtiaz | Daily News

Look into process followed by AG’s Dept. when filing cases - Imtiaz

Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Imtiaz Bakeer Markar requested the Justice Minister to look into the process followed by   the Attorney General’s Department when filing cases.

“If there is no evidence in a case, the Attorney General’s Department should stop filing cases. Otherwise, what will happen? Cases are filed, governments change.

After that, the same department dismisses the cases saying there is no evidence. This is not good for the professionals, the judicial system and the country. It will automatically lose the name of the parliament.” MP Markar noted.

MP Markar made these observations during the Committee Stage debate on the Expenditure Heads of Ministry of Justice, Prison Affairs and Constitutional Reform and the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Aviation Services among several other departments.

“Therefore, I request you to look into the Attorney General’s Department in particular. If there are proposed changes in its powers related to their responsibilities, I request you to make those changes along with the other reforms you are doing,” MP Markar further said.

MP Markar also noted, “Today, some countries in the Asian region use the electronic system for prosecution. Especially in countries like Malaysia and Singapore, all prosecutions are carried out electronically.

Some countries are using advanced technology to conduct trials remotely. If we compare with many countries in the world, we have to go much further.”



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