Armed gang ransacks IP’s house, robs phones, ring | Daily News

Armed gang ransacks IP’s house, robs phones, ring

Welipanna Police said that an armed group of six claiming to be Police Special Task Force officers had ransacked the house of Inspector Nishan Kumara living in Welipanna,  Bondupitiya, and searched for firearms.

They had stolen three mobile phones and a gold ring before fleeing. Police say that the police inspector was not present at the time when the armed members broke into the house.

According to the police, three of the people who broke into the house had tied the wrists of the police inspector’s wife with a belt and had asked her about a firearm. They had hit her on the head and chin with a firearm. The group then searched the cupboards.

The statement given by the Inspector’s wife further states that the armed men brought three pistols. A senior police officer added that a lot of important information has been revealed regarding the incident and the surrounding CCTV footage is being checked.


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