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Poorly planned development projects, a waste of resources - Prasanna

Urban Development and Housing Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said that public money is wasted by implementing development projects without proper planning. The Minister also said that such arbitrary behaviour of certain people and groups has had a negative impact on the construction industry.

The Minister was chairing a discussion held with Ministry officials yesterday regarding the Ministry's budget and its future activities.

"The Government is prudently managing the prevailing economic crisis and other problems," the Minister said. "The Government decided to temporarily halt the start of new development activities because we want to firstly stabilize the economy by providing relief to the people.

That is why this year's Budget focuses on strengthening the economy rather than development projects. But, we are carrying out the necessary development projects," he said.

There are some projects which can be carried out with the partnership of the private sector," Minister Ranatunga said.

"Government institutions should pay close attention to the country's situation and the extent to which the project is necessary before starting a new project. If not, we will be in trouble," the Minister said.


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