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Defence head passed in House

Ponnambalam calls for division

The Defence Ministry expenditure head was passed in Parliament by majority votes. A vote was held on the expenditure head after All Ceylon Tamil Congress MP  Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam called for a division.

It was passed by 81 majority votes, with 91 Members voting in favour and 10 voting against it.

Meanwhile, Defence State Minister Pramitha Bandara Tennakoon participating in the debate said: There is information that certain political groups that are brainwashing university students are infiltrating into schools as well.

State Minister Tennakoon noted that these political groups promoted ragging in the universities.

Tennakoon observed that it has been revealed that these political parties have already infiltrated schools in Colombo, Embilipitiya and Polonnaruwa.

He said that it is a serious situation that such political groups are trying to influence the schoolchildren just like they did to undergraduates. He requested political groups not to target the school community for their narrow political purposes.

Tennakoon also said that some groups are slinging mud at the government alleging that a large allocation has been done to the defense forces in order to suppress the ‘Aragalaya.” He pointed out that defense ministry includes not only military forces but many more human resource entities.

He noted, “The defense forces victoriously fought against terrorism, extremism, and fascism. We should extend our gratitude to the defense forces for their great commitment. Our mothers don’t even send their children to a shop when they are small. Then the same mothers sent their children to war. Some of them never returned. We need to extend our gratitude to the families of these war heroes for their commitment. Some of our people have forgotten their commitment. That is the way how this country operates. However, we should remember our defense forces don’t take decisions based of social media platforms.”

“Some unruly groups attacked the government and opposition MPs. They killed a government MP and burnt their houses. They attacked the police and then came to attack the parliament. They try to take over the House and destroy it. We need to be thankful to the defense forces for securing the parliament. A country that does not value national security and rule of law cannot prevail. We cannot downsize a military force as we want. We should do it in a scientific manner. We don’t want to downsize the military, we want to make it right size.” State Minister Tennakoon also said.

Tennakoon also said, “Even if there is no war, security should be given first place. This money has been allocated for security, education, research and disaster relief. Of the Rs.410 billion allocated to the Defence Ministry, 88 percent of the 360 billion rupees should be spent on recurring expenses while 12 percent is alloted for capital expenditure.”

Tennakoon also said, “As per the government’s programme regarding deserters, 10,353 deserters have reported. We have given them the opportunity to engage in a local or foreign job without any hindrance. 478 of our soldiers have been deployed in the UN peacekeeping force. We have received dollars for this. They will also be deployed in peacekeeping operations in the future.”



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