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Probe into leaked question paper in WP

Western Province Education Director Sri Lal Nonis said that a full scale investigation will be carried out into a question paper leak reported yesterday.

He added that if it is revealed in the ongoing investigation that any official in the education sector is involved in the question paper leak of the science question paper that was to be given yesterday (18) for grades 10 and 11 in schools in the Western Province, the Western Province will take immediate disciplinary action against them.

Provincial Director Nonis mentioned that since the question papers had been printed at school level, students in many schools had to write answers on the same question paper when it was reported yesterday through the media that this question paper had been released earlier.

However, the principals of several major schools in Colombo had taken measures to stop the distribution of this question paper to the students.

Generally question papers for provincial examinations are prepared by the Zonal Education Offices and included in CDs.These discs are given to the schools, and the schools have to print the question papers and distribute them to the students.


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