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Ruhuna Medical Faculty researchers make herbal capsule for diabetes

The 'Kovakka' capsule has been patented after a five year trial

A group of researchers from the Ruhunu Medical Faculty have developed a new capsule against Diabetes using the 'Kovakka' plant. The research team has also obtained the patent for this new drug, Ruhunu University Vice Chancellor Senior Professor Sujeeva Amarasena stated.

He disclosed this information on Tuesday (20) at a media conference held at Ruhunu Medical Faculty .

The new drug has been invented by the research team of Prof.Tilak Weeraratne, Prof. Anoja Attanayake, Prof. Kamani Jayathilaka, Dr. Piyumi Vasana of Karapitiya Faculty of Medicine based on the results of a research conducted on the Kovakka plant.

Prof. Tilak Weeraratne commenting on their new origination said that as a result of a research conducted in 2017 by the Department of Biochemistry and Co-Medicine of the Galle Karapitiya Faculty of Medicine, they were able to obtain a patent by developing a drug that reduces the blood sugar level of people with diabetes in the form of Kovakka herbal capsule.

"We obtained this patent after passing all the necessary ethical, scientific and legal hurdles within a period of five years," he further said.

The first procedure to produce a new drug is the chemical induction procedure using induced animals. In line with my postgraduate work, I first tested this drug using induced animals. The research process focused on the analysis of the prescribed dosage and in addition the activity of the drug was researched. By measuring the blood sugar level, we also researched the mechanism and action of the herbal medicine. Finally, we concluded the safety of this drug for long-term use through liver biochemical research. Through research, we concluded that this drug should be introduced as a suitable drug for diabetes without side effects, Prof.Anoja Attanayake said. The National Research Institute gave us financial assistance for this and Dr.Piyumi Vasana began this clinical research for her post-graduate degree as a result, Prof. Anoja said.


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