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Huge fish stock unfit for consumption found

Three persons were arrested by the officials of Kelaniya Division Criminal Investigation Bureau with 35,100 kilos of  Tuna (Kelawalla and Balaya) fish which were unfit for human consumption.

29700 kilos of fish were found in a cold storage in Basiyawatte in Negombo remaining 5,400 kilos of fish were with a wholesale vendor who distributes fish in Seeduwa.

According to the information received by the Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of the Western Provinces that the vendor was selling fish unfit for human consumption, the Kelaniya Divisional Criminal Investigation Bureau conducted this raid with the assistance of public health inspectors.

The investigations have revealed that fish stock is distributed from this place to resorts, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Accordingly, the police seized the fish stock in the lorry and arrested the driver and assistant. In questioning them, information about the place where the fish stock was brought has been revealed

Accordingly, the police have gone to a certain place in Basiyawatte in Negombo. The police also said that during the inspection of the stocks of fish stored in four cold storage containers at that place, it was also confirmed that they were unfit for human consumption.


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