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Law and order, the priority

Adult Sri Lankans have started to sleep at night in peace since last Friday. Actually, by last Wednesday they knew that they will have mental solace and their lives will be protected at any cost by the Police and the Armed Forces. The credit for bringing relief to the Sri Lankan population directly goes only to the newly appointed President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Population projections show that the proportion of Sri Lankans above the age of 60 years will increase from 14 percent in 2017 to 22 percent by the year 2037. By October 2021 Sri Lanka recorded the highest proportion of older adults in South Asia. The Western Province has the highest percentage of the country's elderly at 31.7 percent. Maybe these statistics have further increased by now. They feed the young population. The majority of innocent poor elders and adults feed not only their children but also their grandchildren.

Not only them, the majority of the Sri Lankan adult population started to feel highly worried about their safety and the security of their family members, especially children from last March 31st because the majority of the ordinary people saw and heard what happened at Mirihana on March 31st and all the events that took place here in Sri Lanka since then. They watched live over the television how thugs set fire to the democratically elected President’s private home.

Although the Sri Lankan media and certain journalists who earn millions of rupees through their youtube channels painted a totally different picture, the real ordinary people who did not have time to come out from their homes and shout in the streets experienced the bitter reality. This reality was not aired/telecast by the media. The thugs closed roads suddenly preventing them from visiting the closest hospital for medical treatment and they could not visit their family members who had been hospitalized. Curfew was imposed suddenly from time to time and almost all office workers were stranded in Colombo without being able to return home. Abrupt strikes halted public transport. The closest pharmacy was compelled to close in fear for a chit they received on the previous day. People are still paying Rs. 2,500 to thugs to buy one litre of fuel.

People are worried without having food, medicine etc. for affordable prices, fuel, electricity, gas etc. but what they were mostly worried about was their security and freedom. They watched the Rupavahini channel on July 13 and started to shake in fear because they knew that it was the end of their freedom of expression. It looked like something out of a horror movie. They even feared talking about it thinking that talking about it would be an offence by the point of view of the ‘protestors’.

They saw how a murdered politician was dragged along the ground and his naked body displayed in public. They watched real time horror movies from their homes. Their plight did not end from that incident. They saw how houses were burnt and how thugs set fire to the country’s democratically elected Prime Minister’s private home. On social media they saw how thugs organised at village level to select homes to destroy and burn. Many homes belonged to ordinary people who are not connected to politics or politicians. The books of innocent schoolchildren who were sitting for examinations were burnt. They did not rule the country.

The people who were born before 1968 or 1970 are now adults with grown up children. They know exactly what they underwent in 1988/1989 at the hands of armed ‘protestors'. Because of this reason the current protestors hate elders and adults who have the first hand experience of their 1988/1989 barbaric acts. This is why they posted videos accusing the elders and adults calling them ‘Naaki’ (aged) and said they are responsible for the current situation of the country.

The real ordinary people who are at their homes, workplaces and villages say it is the safety that they want before meals and medicine because someone should live to eat and use medications, gas, fuel, electricity etc. The right to life should be protected. The Sri Lankan people received it last week after March 31st. Even still the people of Sri Lanka are suffering without food and medicine at affordable prices, without adequate fuel, gas, electricity etc. now they have an assurance. Now they exactly know the speedy journey of Sri Lanka towards becoming the second Libya or Iraq was slowed down last Wednesday and it will be halted shortly by the new President and the Prime Minister.

It is heart-wrenching to watch how one man with Armed Forces is pulling back Sri Lanka while thousands of undergraduates, trade unionists, representatives of NGOs, some artistes, some clergy, ‘men in black’ etc. were trying to make Sri Lanka another Libya and Iraq since last March. They will not be satisfied until they do it. But the silent ordinary people of Sri Lanka will stand by the Government and the Armed Forces and not by crooks. 

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