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Ministry uncovers a major fuel racket :

Some private bus operators selling diesel

They make lucrative profits more than plying buses:
Minister Dr. Gunawardena orders full probe:

The Ministry of Transport has initiated a probe into allegations that private bus operators who obtain fuel from SLTB depots are engaged in a racket selling fuel to persons outside at higher prices instead of transporting passengers.

The Ministry said 105 depots owned by the Sri Lanka Transport Board currently provide fuel for private buses for passenger transport.

However, complaints have been received from various areas to the Minister of Transport, Highways and Mass Media Dr. Bandula Gunawardena that private bus operators are engaged in a fuel racket instead of transporting passengers.

“The Minister instructed Ministry Secretary R.Premasiri to conduct an immediate investigation on this matter,” the Ministry said.

The Transport Ministry further said on July 3 alone all the SLTB depots provided fuel for 5500 private buses, but less than 3000 buses were in operation, according to the National Transport Commission and the offices of the Road Passenger Transport Authority.

Sri Lanka Transport Board Chairman Kingsley Ranawaka has also informed the Minister that eventhough the Sri Lanka Transport Board provides fuel to private buses in order to maintain the public transport services in view of the ongoing fuel crisis, the private bus drivers do not take fuel and engage in passenger transport.

Taking these facts into consideration, yesterday the Minister instructed the National Transport Commission and all road passenger transport authorities to conduct a prompt and formal investigation in this regard.


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