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Lanka’s clothing brand plans to list 51% in two years:

GFlock to net in USD 5 bn revenue by 2027

Local clothing brand GFlock will launch a mega campaign to launch their products globally mostly targeting the Sri Lanka diaspora said fashion designer, CEO and founder GFlock, Ranil Willadarage. (Pictured)

“Sri Lanka currently is in great need for Dollars and I believe marketing high quality locally made apparels directory to the global market can fill part of this void very quickly and contribute in a sizable manner to help save our motherland, which has been devastated by the current economic crisis.”

He said that his company designs and markets over 40 new designed products each week categorized under casual wear, work wear, evening wear, menswear, linen & denim departments and they are of world class and would not be second to any. “We have our own in-house design team and

“We are a fast fashion company founded on creativity. We design, produce and sell ready-to-wear garments to a wide array of customers. Despite the scale, there are only a handful of brands in the world that are capable of launching styles in this manner and GFlock is one of the most unique brands among them.”

He said that a fashion company is a business that can bring a lot of revenue. Founded 14 years ago in Nanjing, China brand Shein, with a fast fashion business model like ours, annual revenue was between $ 3.5 billion. Shein has zero physical brick and mortar stores and functions solely as an online-based platform. Today they ship to over 220 countries with highly competitive prices and their online-only B2C model, annual revenue is now at a staggering USD 15 billion!.”

“If a fast fashion business can reach $12 billion annual revenue in 3 years this is where we should find inspiration. We believe that the Gflock business model can reach the target of USD 5 billion annual revenue within the next 5-7 years. Our other competitive advantage is the merit circularity concept of our business model.”

“Sri Lankans living in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe tend to spend an average amount of $300-$500 as their annual clothing budget on the aforementioned foreign brands. “My kind request to our Sri Lankan communities abroad is to spend your clothing budget at Gflock, and place orders through our global online store, which is brought to you through the efforts of young creatives in Sri Lanka.”

“I am prepared to offer 51% of the business’s shares to the Sri Lankan public in 2025.”

He also said that currently 1/3 of the profit from the business is spent on providing a monthly essential goods package worth Rs. 8,000 to their indirect employees who function as garment workers.

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