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Ten fuel shipments expected in July, August -Minister

Two diesel shipments between July 8, 14
Petrol, kerosene shipments likely from Malaysia
“I also have no fuel, but AKD going around country”

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara said that a minimum of ten fuel shipments are expected to arrive in the country over the next two months.

Addressing a media briefing convened yesterday he said that two shipments of diesel are expected to reach the country between July 8 and 14.

The minister noted that a request has been made from the Malaysian government to obtain necessary fuel shipments adding that the Malaysian government had approved the provision of 50,000MT   of petrol and 10,000MT of kerosene.

He said that this is as a result of three days of talks held with Malaysian authorities.

“We expect this petrol shipment on July 10 or 11. In the event it fails to arrive on these days, we are in discussion with LIOC for other alternatives.”

He assured that necessary steps will be taken to provide fuel as soon as possible.

He also said two ships carrying 135,000MT of crude oil each are scheduled to arrive between July 10 and 11 and on August 9 and 12.

Meanwhile he noted that two more fuel shipments containing both petrol and diesel is anticipated either on July 22 or 23.

Providing an update on the availability of fuel in the country, the minister said approximately 12,774 MT of diesel, 1,414 MT of petrol 92 octane, 2,647 MT of petrol 95 octane, 233 MT of super diesel, 500 MT of aviation fuel and 29,000 MT of furnace oil are in stock at present.

He also revealed that USD 11 million was paid to Lanka IOC on June 30, for the procurement of 7,500 MT of diesel.

The Energy Minister made a note of the expected stocks of fuel and the arrival dates.

July 08-09: 40,000 MT of diesel (Ceypetco)

July 11-14: 40,000 MT of diesel (Ceypetco)

July 13-15: 30,000 MT of diesel/petrol (LIOC)

July 22-23: 40,000 MT of diesel (pending approval)

July 22-23: 40,000 MT of petrol (Ceypetco)

July 29-31: 30,000 MT of diesel/petrol (LIOC)

August 13-15: 30,000 MT of diesel/petrol (LIOC)

Meanwhile, he said that 110,000 MT of diesel, 70,000 MT of petrol and 40,000 MT of diesel (pending approval) have been confirmed.

Meanwhile, Lanka IOC said it is expecting three shipments of petrol and diesel in Sri Lanka this month and in August. The first shipment is anticipated between July 13 and 15. The second shipment is expected to reach the island between July 29 and 31, while the arrival of the final shipment is scheduled between August 10 and 15.

Each vessel will be carrying 30,000 metric tonnes of fuel.

Responding to questions on the token system, he said that the token system was implemented only on June 23 and 24 to prevent people from queuing at fuel stations.

“It was difficult for even to me to come for this media briefing without fuel and I am sure you all have this problem. However, NPP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake does not seem to have such an issue as he travels around the country to Kurunegala, Kandy, Ambalantota and various places. I too have a question as to how he gets fuel.”



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