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Katubedda murders planned from Dubai :

Kudu Salindu gave order to acolytes here

Investigation teams have received information that the shooting in Katubedda targeting Pinwatte Ukkuwa was an operation carried out from Dubai.

Kudu Salindu is the mastermind of that operation.

According to information received by the investigation teams, he used his acolytes to exchange messages through a mobile application and had planned to get Ukkuwa to Katubedda and carry out the attack.

The other person who was killed in the shooting is a shoe businessman and the vehicle they were travelling in belongs to his uncle. The family members of the slain businessman had told the police that they had gone to Katubedda to obtain fuel. However, the police said they could not accept that as Pinwatte Ukkuwa had been involved in threatening the fuel shed employees in Panadura and had obtained fuel into cans and had also got petrol for his friends by jumping queues after threatening the people in line and the fuel station workers and as such it was not acceptable that he had gone to obtain fuel.

A senior police officer said it is suspected that he had gone there for drug trafficking.

Pinwatte Ukkuwa has been in prison since 2006 until recently. He was convicted for murder. Police said that he is responsible for three murders. About three months ago, he was released from prison and since that time, police have been receiving information that he has been involved in underworld activities and the drug trade.

Investigations have revealed that he had been dealing in drugs even while in jail and had been closely involved with a woman before he went to jail. The woman had been handling his money from drug trafficking in while he was in prison. Investigations have revealed that she had around Rs.10 million in her possession and she had later married another person. Her husband is currently in Dubai and is said to be a close ally of Kudu Salindu operating from Dubai

As she had been receiving threats after Ukkuwa was released from prison, investigators are trying to determine if there is a connection between his death and death threats made to this woman.


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