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Desist from waiting for petrol today

Diesel to be distributed countrywide

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara said that the country has received ample stocks of diesel for next few weeks and delivery to the filling stations began on Tuesday.

He added that the delivery of the diesel stocks including the super diesel to 1190 active filling stations across the country was expected to be completed by late evening yesterday.

However he requested the public to refrain from waiting in queues to get petrol and LPG (gas) since they are unavailable today and tomorrow (May 19 and 20). He added however that the issue with the petrol could also be solved this weekend.

He added that Petrol and diesel would be available at the filling stations as usual by the weekend and requested the public not to accumulate excess fuel.

He made these observations in Parliament yesterday in response to queries made by the Parliamentarians. Minister Wijesekara acknowledged that a shipment of petrol was anchored within the country’s territorial waters since March 28 but there was insufficient dollars to have this shipment released. He added although there is an arrears of another $53 million due to be paid to the same ship for an earlier consignment of fuel that was supplied it is expected within the next two days the government would be able to come up with the funds to have the shipment of fuel released.



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