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Lanza in tears tells House he lost all

Former State Minister Nimal Lanza broke down in tears several times during his emotional speech on the damage caused by the mobs to his property. He said that all that he is left with is the clothes he was wearing.

Lanza said this joining the debate in Parliament regarding the recent violence in the country.

He said that he was not asking for compensation for what he has lost, despite suffering the greatest losses, but asked instead for a fair investigation into the incidents.

However, he said that the SJB and the UNP were not involved in this violence and said that the perpetraters would be revealed very soon.

He said that all that he had inherited from his grandfather and his father and what he had earned was lost during this violence, adding that he had made up his mind and come to terms with what he had lost, but said that if such incidents happen in the future, there won’t be a country left.

Lanza said that many friends had come forward to help him in this time of need, adding that a friend who owns a hotel had even invited him to take up residence there.

He warned all Parliamentarians that at a time when the whole country was in turmoil, if they start attacking each other without coming together to resolve the country’s crisis, it won’t be long before the whole country is lost.


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